Frequently Asked Questions

Does my dog need a tag with my name and address on before you walk him/her?

Yes. All dogs going into a public place must wear a tag with YOUR NAME and FULL ADDRESS, inc POSTCODE by law. I have my own business ones which can be used as temporary measures until you get your own sorted.


How many dogs are walked at one time?

No more then 3 dogs during a 'Socialisation Walk' will be taken out at one time. Though socialisation is great for dogs and they burn off more energy together, I do believe that keeping the walks to small groups enables me to give them all adequate training and keeps them safe.


Do I need to be home when you pick up / drop off my dog?

No. As long as you have provided myself with a key so I can collect and drop off your dog.


Will you walk my dog in all weather conditions?

Yes. I will walk all dogs in the rain, if your dog is not fearful or distressed by it. However, if I deem the weather too bad  or it appears dangerous I will not walk your dog. I will contact you and either arrange a refund, reschedule or offer a dog sit.
If the weather appears to be very hot, to avoid dehydration I will bring along my own dog water bottle. However, to avoid heatstroke or burnt paws, dogs that are usually walked for an hour, may have the walk cut down to half an hour or turned into a dog sit. Refunds will be given out accordingly if the service is changed. 


Do you let dogs off the lead?

No. I will not walk your dog off lead if you do not wish me too. However, once I feel the dogs know me and comes back on command, I will happily walk them off lead, provided you have signed the consent form.


Will my dog be supervised al all times?

Yes. Your dog will be under constant supervision by myself during the service I provide. Never will your dog be left unattended.


I only require occasional walks for my dog, not every week or every day, can you help?

Yes. I am happy to provide services as and when you require, provided I have diary availability.  I recommend that you give me as much notice as possible.


What if something happens to my dog on a walk, such as gets injured or runs away?

I am fully insured with Pet Business Insurance for public liability. However, I cannot be held responsible for any loss or injury to a pet whilst in my care, unless proven to of be negligent at the time of incident. It is the owner's responsibility to ensure their dog is adequately insured to cover any emergency treatment. I will always do my utmost to care for your dog in all situations. Also, I always carry a first aid kit and can apply basic first aid. 


What do you do with my key?

Paws & Walk can either retain your house keys on file or you can have them returned, simply arrange with me during the induction visit. I take your security seriously. Keys are held in a safe. Addresses or contact details are never attached to the keys and are kept separately. If you choose to leave your keys on file with me, I can be just a telephone call away in an emergency situation, if you lose your keys, have them stolen or lock yourself out. If you are delayed getting home with heavy traffic or be unexpectedly called away, I can help out with your dog.


When are you available?

Monday to Friday, 8am till 6pm. However, out of hour bookings maybe available. Feel free to call and enquire.


Are you insured?

Yes. I have full public liability insurance through Pet Business Insurance.


How do I pay for your services?

I accept either cash or you can set up a direct debit. You can leave the payment in a safe place for collection of the first day of service.


Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. If you cancel within 48 hours of your booking then I will charge you for the appointment missed. However, please try to give as much notice as possible should you no long require a pre-booked service.

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