As a pet owner you will understand, that sometimes...

There just aren't enough hours in the day to dedicate to your dogs and this can be distressing for yourself and them. Imagine if on those busy days you could have peace of mind knowing your dogs have been taken for their walk in the safe hands of someone who is specially trained to do such a job.


Well look no further then Paws & Walk!


Since the beginning it has been my primary aim to offer outstanding dog walking services to all of my customers. A dog walk with Paws & Walk doesn't mean your dog is just on a short lead walking the streets. I aim to make every walk enjoyable and stimulating, which means that not only will your dogs get a play, they will also get some training sessions! Practicing lead walking, recall, listening to commands as well as much more. 

Also Paws & Walk will pick up and drop off your dogs for all walks in a safe, fully kitted out secure van, which has comfortable beds in, to keep the dogs happy. 


Knowing that all owners love their dogs dearly, you will want to know that they are in safe hands. Well here at Paws & Walk, I have made sure my knowledge about the care and understanding of your dogs is up to date.

Below is a record of my qualifications and experiences:


-Professional Dog Obedience Trainer

-Two Years College Experience in Animal Welfare

-Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Diploma

-Pet First Aid Trained - Updated 2018

-5 Years Experienced Dog Handler

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